the history of elsewhere

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Elsewhere, a progressive-punk trio from Boston is the product of a rare musical mutation that combines the energy and raw angst of punk with the ambition and creativity of progressive rock. Presently, the band is the process of recording the next great rock project (while of course at the same time plotting to take over the World) tentatively titled “1981“. At this very moment, two songs from the forthcoming EP, “1981“ and “Before The Stars Align“, are ready for imminent release. Don’t get too excited!!!

The trio consists of guitarist/vocalist Michael Aroian, drummer Craig Morrison and bassist Marc Ubaldino-a trio of atypical punks with corporate day jobs who bring the duality of their existence to the stage with their high-energy live performances. This contradiction between image and sound pulls the listener into a state of emotional release through thought-provoking music. The truly progressive part of Elsewhere’s music is that it also has a pop sensibility that people can appreciate and relate to on an entirely different level.

Influenced by a wide array of bands such as Rush, the Police, Duran Duran, and the Sex Pistols, Elsewhere has developed a smooth, electric and groove-oriented sound that will transcend the wavering music trends of the day. The new EP will prove to be a much-anticipated follow-up to the well received (yet commercially pathetic) albums Outbound, released in 1997 and Perception, released in 2001. Regarding the two new tracks, the raunchy yet radio-friendly single “Before The Stars Align“ is more of an over the top power-pop song, while the lead track “1981“ demonstrates a nod to that progressive and new wave aesthetic Elsewhere continues to pursue. Through airplay on local music radio shows and performances throughout the Northeast, Elsewhere is continuing to attract interest from club audiences, magazines, network television, film and record labels. Most importantly, unlike bands that have come before and after them, they have not stopped... and as has been said before... WE ARE NEVER FUCKING GOING AWAY!



Michael has been playing the guitar badly since the age of 16. He sights his influences as The Police, Genesis, U2, Rush, as well as various acts from the early 1980s. It is a little known fact that he is a Chartered Financial Analyst and Corporate Bond Analyst by day, while also holding the former positions of a coked up Currency Trader and Bank Loan Workout Officer. Michael is the originator of most of the music and lyrics for Elsewhere's songs, and if the band ever makes it big, he is going to screw his band mates and leave them to pursue obscure solo projects and vacations in the South of France.



Craig, half machine and half man, has been playing the drums since the age of 10. Originally a classical musician, he made the transformation to wannabe rock star many moons ago. Wait a second??? Did we just allow him to use “moons“ in his bio? Jesus we’re lame… His influences include Neil Peart and Stewart Copeland but he really developed his drum chops when he dated Sheila E in the 80s. Craig has performed in China, Canada, and on the stage of Boston's Symphony Hall. As has been suspected, he IS the illegitimate cyborg son of Jim Morrison and Joan Armatrading.



Marc has been playing the bass since the age of 14. Originally, a trumpeter, he also made the transition to weekend warrior rocker many years ago. His musical influences include Sting, Geddy Lee, John Deacon, and Les Claypool. When not playing bass, he designs nuclear weaponry for a quasi-governmental think tank. Marc is officially the most uptight member in the band, so much so that he hasn’t done a number 2 since 1993. Maybe there’s a correlation?